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Unconditional, Eternal Love for the 4 Legged

A Letter from Charmaine

Please allow me the opportunity to introduce myself and The 9th Day Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming Centre to you. I
started my rescue days at our local SPCA by donating goods; I then joined the committee and shortly thereafter became
chairlady. Whilst valuable experience was gained, I had ideas of my own and so The 9th Day was established.

In December 2014, I started the 9th Day Rescue, Rehabilitation & Rehoming Centre and registered as an NPC in April 2015. We mainly focus on stray animals - the neglected, sick, broken souls that live in fields, walk the streets, going through rubbish
bins for food. We give them the vet care they need, teach them to trust, mend their broken souls, and find them forever
homes. All our animals are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and sterilized. Why the name “The 9th Day”? Because on
On the 9th Day, God made a dog...

Our name and logo are symbolic of what we believe in and why we do what we do – unconditional, eternal love for 4
legged children no matter what breed, age, sex, or condition they are in.

We are currently the only pro-life rescue organisation in the Krugersdorp and Roodepoort areas for stray animals. We have
on average 300 animals that we care for monthly, and we are a sanctuary to 180 animals including dogs, cats, chinchillas,
horses and donkeys.

We welcome assistance and sponsors who can donate towards our costs. We currently rent our premises, it is our dream
to own our property with a clinic, making our future more secure, and providing help to so many more animals and their owners.

We are proud to work with the local communities and our outreach programs in the surrounding areas focus on
educating owners on animal care and assisting them with sterilizing, vaccinating, and vet care for their animals.

We are not government funded and purely depend on the goodwill of the community. We welcome any assistance,
donations or initiatives that will help us care for so many more animals.

Together we are the 9th Day

With lots of Love,


Bismarck 2.JPG

Bismarck's Story

Bismarck became famous after Charmaine rescued him. He was found in Oatlands with puncture wounds and bruises, allegedly from being used as a bait dog in dog fighting competitions. 

Charmaine never gave up and with the help of the team at the Roodekruin Veterinary Clinic, many followers, donations, support, and even stories in the local news, Bismarck was saved. 

Bismarck is an inspiration to all, showing that in every living creature there is a will to live, a fighting spirit, and a desire to be loved.  Sometimes all we need is a helping hand and some hope…

Today YOU can be that helping hand. 

Together we are The 9th Day. 

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